Welcome Back! – The AJAX Control Toolkit March 2015 Update

Its been 15 months since a significant update was released for the AJAX Control Toolkit on CodePlex. In the time since then, our friends at DevExpress have stepped up and offered to lead this open source project. In just a few short months, they have implemented a number of modern and strategic changes to the toolkit to help make it a valuable part of your ASP.NET Web Forms arsenal. This release is branded as version 15.1 and is available NOW from http://devexpress.com/ms-act

DevExpress has written a great post highlighting the updates they’ve made to the toolkit on their blog at community.devexpress.com In this post, I’m going to show you how to use the updated control toolkit to build a responsive movie ratings page with a simple bar graph.

Your Toolbox is Ready and Waiting

When you start a new web project with the controls installed, you will find your toolbox in ASPX pages loaded with the controls in a new AJAX Control Toolkit 15.1 section:


On a new webform, get started by adding a standard asp:ScriptManager and the references to start using the bootstrap framework:


My Movies


Add a GridView with a Rating Control

Next, I’m going to add a GridView to the page, but I also want it to have a responsive behavior. It should size appropriately for the browser window it is presented in: